Episode 2 - Coca-Cola's Pop & Pour with Suzanne Ciani

The Coca-Cola logo is recognised by 94% of the world's population (according to this random Business Insider article I found on Google) and a lot of that is down to its advertising.

This week's episode is all about a tiny little sound that turned up in loads of those adverts in the 70s.

Suzanne Ciani created it using an early synthesiser called the Buchla and it ended up being used in loads of campaigns like those embedded below...

Suzanne is currently in the process of rereleasing a load of her early work and will be the star of a documentary that was funded on Kickstarter.

P.S. Massive thanks to Terri Winston from the Women's Audio Mission for putting me in touch with Suzanne. Check out their work here.

P.P.S. All the music in the episode is by the amazing Podington Bear. Find his stuff here.