Episode 3 - Nokia ringtone with Anssi Vanjoki

Remember that ringtone we *all* had in the 90s/early 2000s? Well, that ringtone is basically Anssi Vanjoki's fault. He worked for Nokia for 20 years, rising to executive vice president for mobile phones by the time he left in 2010.

The Nokia Tune is recognisable around the world and the technical achievements that allowed it to be played created an entire industry of (terrible) ringtones.

It started with a piece of classical music...

And an advert...

And became three seconds of sound that are ubiquitous with a certain era of technology.

It hasn't changed much since 1994... apart from this dubstep version!

On this week's episode of Anecdote: find out why the ringtone was created, how it has tracked Nokia's rise and fall, and what ringtone Anssi has now.

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All the music in this week's episode is from the awesome Podington Bear

For your own viewing pleasure, I've embedded a load of terrible ringtone adverts below.